Monday, January 09, 2006

Two Poems by J.D. Nelson


Ice crystals sparkle
upper there
in the norf,
where the auroras
live in peace
& the black gold
grins underground.

Snowy cats dance
in the mid-light

Canned ice.


Gorilla Tab

Who are your ancestors?
Gerbil U = Chicken.

Topped with cucumber,
sunflower seeds

Tongue Game!
E*G*G string.

Chuckle x = tofu,
self-loathing pop.

Joint Staff?

Unfit to have a baby
for mental health reasons.



J. D. Nelson (1971) experiments with text and sound in
his subterranean laboratory. His poems have appeared
in many small press publications, both print and
online. J. D. lives in Colorado, USA. Visit his
website for more information: