Thursday, February 05, 2004

Karl Wenclas announces on alt.zines:

As was previously mentioned, the Philadelphia chapter of the ULA is
sponsoring an East Coast Underground Conclave. This has been scheduled
for some time, and is not any big public affair we're promoting, but
since many of those there will be non-ULAers, we decided to make a
public announcement about it.
Where: the upstairs fireplace room, Pizzeria Uno, 511 S. 2nd Street
(just north of South Street) in Philadelphia.
When: Saturday, February 21st, 1 pm to 6 pm.
Invited: All underground DIY people.
It will be half-party, half-conference; "An Exchange of Ideas"--
discussion, presentations, and conversation.
It'll be very laid-back and informal, so anyone should feel
comfortable dropping in to have a beer and see what's up.
It's not a show, but we may have an impromptu reading or two, given
that a few world-class performers, such as Mad Dog Grover, will be
Cash bar; snacks and food.
While it's hosted by east coast ULAers, people from all over are
invited, and we will have a few people traveling to town for the
event, such as ULAer Patrick King. There may also be a surprise zine
guest showing up at some point, but we'll know that when it occurs.
I'll cover some of the topics to be discussed at the meeting in a
later post.

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