Sunday, November 28, 2004

A couple of poems by Bonnie MacAllister

south philly crossed

they fought once more
at the art fair--
amidst oils and encaustic,
salting brushstrokes for
doubly priced canvas.
his t-shirt bore the brand
of his wife: trite and boring.
quickly inverted, she had to laugh
as she stroked him on the porch later.
"could she make you feel this way? "
she asks.
we stride by a fountain
fenced off--
preventing a drink or a piss,
hiding a skinny corpse
and an italian's sweat.

14 June 2004


Taste, transfixed--
Accompany tendrils in tears.
Tiptoe tacitly to turn me,
Spread elbows around,
Drown in perspiration
Filll and spread,
Stretch me to oblivion.
Tortoishells spy,
Trying to mimic hinds--
Bound lightly by bites,
Myopic mitosis measured--
Do not divide--
Permeate permanently.

16 June 2004

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