Saturday, February 26, 2005

by Ray X

POV 1:
Fuck!--hate this town, nothing goes right, no money, have to get out of here, drug deal, that'll do it, that cunt Connie, took it all, can't pay rent, but I bitch-slapped her good--huh--ouch-- Goddamn crack in sidewalk, stupid city, fix it before I break my leg, this city is a pile of shit, falling apart, making me fall apart--there's that old lady on her porch, must be half-blind with cataracts, thick dark sunglasses, that half-nuts look--here we go again, like yesterday, she's smiling big at me, maybe I should get friendly, con the crazy old bat, screw it, keep walking, yeah, I'll wave to you, you dried-up bitch, goodbye, must have lots of cash hidden in a cookie jar or whatever, maybe I'll break in late at night, might have to knock her around--

POV 2:
The mid-afternoon sun beamed into her eyes but she didn't care: she could make out the glowing shadow-shapes just fine. She leaned back and forth on her cane, ignoring her usual assortment of aches and pains, peering down the street. Anxious, like a young girl waiting for her beau. Wait--coming out of the brightness, sunlight rimming the flowing hair, the beard just visible.
She smiled, whispered his name: "Jesus..."


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