Wednesday, March 16, 2005

by Cheryl Townsend

Someone slapped my face
Someone stole my joint
Someone lied about last night
Someone really loved me
Someone bought me emeralds
Someone fucked me good
Someone forgot my phone number
Someone sucked my toes
Someone made me breakfast
Someone waxed my car
Someone liked my cats
Someone gave me HPV
Someone sang me a song
Someone read me poetry
Someone wore my shoes
Someone liked my paintings
Someone got me shit faced
Someone called late at night
Someone farted in my bed
Someone took me skinny-dipping
Someone spoke to me in dreams
Someone wanted to smell my hair
Someone died of cancer
Someone got me pregnant
Someone came too soon
Someone fed me chocolates
Someone rode a Ducate
Someone wouldn't let me leave
Someone left my clothes on
Someone called me crazy
Someone proposed in high school
Someone tried to come back
Someone was afraid of worms
Someone believed I loved him
Someone helped me in math
Someone still has my shoes
Someone lied about his poetry
Someone showed me the mountains
Someone was just passing through
Someone took me home to his mother
Someone fucked me on the stairs
Someone called me another's name
Someone liked my finger up his ass
Someone danced with my mother
Someone nicknamed my cunt
Someone thought I needed them
Someone gave me a dildo
Someone promised forever
Someone called me at work
Someone shared his cheesecake
Someone said he didn't smoke
Someone drank more than me
Someone couldn't get it up
Someone held his breath
Someone locked my door
Someone wore Drakar
Someone bruised my thighs
Someone did imitations
Someone played guitar
Someone never told me his name
Someone already dated my best friend
Someone cried when I left
Someone didn't tell me about his wife
Someone thought something would happen
Someone is still waiting
Someone taught me football
Someone had a bad temper
Someone wanted more than sex
Someone thought he was better
Someone kissed me in 2nd grade
Someone broke my heart
Someone tasted horrible
Someone tried to break up my marriage
Someone growled when he came
Someone had a 9 inch cock
Someone was allergic to my cats
Someone drove with his knees
Someone forgot my birthday completely
Someone couldn't let go
Someone never watched TV
Someone liked to go for walks
Someone always made me gag
Someone took me to a Who concert
Someone ate my edible underwear off
Someone never happened at all
Someone became famous
Someone stunk
Someone tied me up
Someone stalked me
Someone thinks he is in here ... somewhere

Cheryl Townsend is regularly read on the-h© and Thunder Sandwich, where her photography also shares space. She is the editor of the sporadic journal, Impetus and is the poetry/visual arts editor for Epitome. Townsend was recently in a movie of the life of Christ as a woman called
Jesus and Her Gospel of YES! and is reading a script for her next film. This poem is republished from the new Thunder Sandwich. Contact her at IMPETUS (whereit'sat) aol dott com.

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