Friday, August 05, 2005

What A Mule Believes...

by Devin "the Mule" D'Andrea

All of you have heard Don King utter the phrase “Only in America.”

Tomorrow is one of those occasions. Tomorrow we will, as a nation, “remember” the A-bomb. Ah, the 60th “anniversary” of Hiroshima. Don’t your chest swell and your chin rise with American pride? Tomorrow we will do what we do best; act concerned and then go about our self-absorbed existence. You’re kinda forced to do that if you're working class. Tomorrow some will celebrate mass murder; others will act as if it was nothing short of an atrocity. Still, others will quietly smile at the thought of being a great western conquerer. Who can blame ya, you're only American. Of late, that embarrasses the Mule.

“They hate us for our Freedom.”

See what the Mule’s brayin’?

It is easy to kill. It is far too easy to kill. The Mule feels the killer screaming up through the old DNA, and I respect it. While retched excess is nearly a spiritual path, balance is not forsaken and if anyone needs to understand impulse control it’s US.

Purple journalism disgusts the Mule. I could graze on endless acres and still not be able to quench the burning in my guts. Most of all, because purple is the Mules favorite colour. During the first days of the Manhattan project, journalists were employed by the Department of Defense. Though this seems in direct conflict to the underlying principles of our Constitution and enlightened society, it was nevertheless done. A newspaperman was on board one of the planes that delivered the payload to provide a near poetic description of a mushroom cloud. Of course, it had to be a cat from the “Times” cause a real poet would've been repulsed. Uncle Sam would never have gotten mass murder described so eloquently by a poet.

Philosophical time folks: What is the real karmic effect of killing a bug? I live in the city. There are pests. Do exterminators have a heavy burden on their souls? Or, do those in the pest control profession actually play a quintessential role in reincarnation? Everything must die and sometimes they might need a little help. It’s like they used to say in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn, “Most ahda people in dis neighborhood who commit suicide, have help.”

Certainly death is necessary. The opposite side of the Everything There is to Life coin. That’s a lot of responsibility. Maybe our government was just practicing its interpretation of the Buddha’s teaching. That’s why 60 years ago they killed over 140, 000 people. We split the atom over you, because we wanted to help liberate you from Samsara.

Yeah that’s the ticket.

Writing the wrongs again,

The Mule

Bio: The Mule is a hybrid beast of burden that slugs it out daily in the city of Philadelphia. When he is not channeling the creative essence, he is slowly taking over the omniverse, by influencing the hearts and minds of the races which inhabit it.

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