Friday, December 16, 2005

Happy Holidays!

Blog faithful, I have been in a tizzy trying to figure out what to post you for Christmas this year! Some of you would surely enjoy a (somewhat) traditional Christmas tale sent in by Musea's Tom Hendricks...but since Tom's been a naughty boy and posted it to his Musea site first, we'll save internet space and just link you over there.

Most of you will send me nothing but coal this Christmas because i used the potentially-offensive word "Christmas" instead of the more generic "Holidays." If anyone was offended, please pop over to the Red Roach World blog to read an intelligent post on the benefits of saying "Happy Holidays." Personally, i prefer to say "Bah Humbug" and avoid the controversy entirely.

No doubt the youth among you are bored by all these poorly-written words of mine! You want something exciting for your Christmas...i mean...Holiday Adventures blog post. Well, for you i have a special treat: the newly renovated ULA Multimedia page! Wow! Hear some ULAers reading their work, singing random songs, and...we've even got a video! Have we got a video? YES!

Ah, as usual i feel that my holiday gifts to you all have been inadequate. I AM A FAILURE AT GIFT-GIVING! I don't know what you want...looking at me...with your EYES! I am going to mark my Christmas by jumping off a bridge...unless an angel disguised as a stranger intervenes and shows me how great and important i am. Any angels want a piece of that action? Didn't think so.

In any case, i hope we all enjoy the holidays, and i hope you blog readers get something out of the meagre scraps i've thrown your way. How's about another holiday tradition...the New Years Resolution we won't keep!? Here goes: I, Adventures Blog Editor Pat, do humbly resolve to post quality stuff more frequently on this blog in 2006. Furthermore, i resolve to...oh, never mind.

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