Wednesday, January 31, 2007

By Bruce Hodder

We've got cigarettes and lager

and a lousy education.

We watch the telly every night

and practice masturbation.

We lost the only jobs we had

cos we were never punctual.

We laughed when we were disciplined

The boss called us presumptual.

And girls? The only girls we have

are spotty, with big arses.

They're thick as us, and laugh at kids

with asthma, blokes with glasses.

We dream of fancy cars and guns

and riding round the streets

like Snoop or Fifty Cent, the speakers

pounding out some beats.

But since we can't afford a car

we have to do with buses.

We slouch in seats to show we're tough

and perv on all the lasses.

We're children of the age of Blair.

It's all we'll ever be.

When he has gone, our empty lives'll

be his legacy.

We're small but hard, and when we come

into a pub, you fuckers,

you better let us have your seats

or we will cause a ruckus.

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