Thursday, May 13, 2004

Hi all! This is my first post to a blog. Apparently it's a big scene somehow. I understand it little. But here goes! Thanks, Pat, for putting up this one for the ULA. So here's my news:

I just launched a massive campaign at Amazon on behalf of the ULA. I put up the last two issues of "Slush Pile" along with Pat's latest "Cathedral" (not fully up yet there).

Everyone here MUST understand Amazon and most probably post reviews there, but offhand it seems like few realize its potential for uplifting or FOCUSING attention on indy literature. I declare this to be chicken.

All we have to do is post reviews and make lists and homepages there that mention the *ULA*, zines and indy lit, and I daresay we'll have the NYC scene running scared. --Especially if a dozen people each put up a dozen reviews---pro or con, about anything---mentioning the ULA. You can even sneak in the ULA's url. We'd be in like Flynn.

Ya know, they don't seem to let you sign your actual name. They've deleted mine a couple times. But they let you show your email and homepage.

Anyway, Amazon is a HUGE forum. Where we can freely approach today's lords and masters and challenge their work and what they're doing. And where we can promote whatever we like.

It also now offers 3 lit-zines. I do believe the ULA is the first lit-zine on that block. And basically one of the only zines there. (All anyone has to do is know a small press person and they're in.)

--Jeff Potter ULAer and publisher of


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