Friday, May 14, 2004

The ULA Store

One should think of the ULA as a fledgling little store opened for business on the main street in town. The "products" inside are underground writers and artists. Our goal is to get them attention. Considering that we're competing against giant department stores further down the block, we haven't done a bad job of getting the word out about our operation.

Our "store" is run like a standard anarchist co-op. All we ask from the writers we seek to promote is that they help out with some of the work!

The trick, nowadays, in marketing anything-- even artists-- is, first, that you have a well-read web site, and thanks to the publicity we've received, we do. Second, that if you can't afford ads in major publications, that you receive free publicity. We've done well at that also.

Would any writers NOT want people to find out about them and their work? Would this be the case in other fields? Would a rock band insist, "No, we don't want any publicity? We're content to play only for ourselves in our basement or garage"? The idea is ludicrous.

We have a lot of talented writers already part of our cooperative group. Check them out!

-King Wenclas


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