Wednesday, May 19, 2004

On Movies
By Pat King

Forget that the studios have controlled the movie industry since movies have existed. Forget that this won't change. Forget that, for the most part, "independent film" simply means "produced by a smaller studio."

This is a new century and we're hungry. We're hungry for movies written and shot for this new generation, by the starving, angry artists who produce movies not with large piles of money but within the slim budget of their wallets and savings accounts (and credit cards...). We're hungry for art and literature in films that come from the streets of America and the world.

And we're doing it too. We're using old camcorders, digital and or not. We're using super-8 equipment found in yard sales and thrift stores.

And I say: Make movies on film and video. Make silent movies and sound movies and movies featuring the Los Angeles yodeling choir. Make movies about you and the movies that speak to you and movies that speak to no one. Buy an expensive computer and edit on Final Cut. Edit with VCRs. Cut film and put it back together. Or don't edit at all.

Have dancing and violence and sex, yes, plenty of sex. Have love and war and atom bombs and reptilian eyes. Have greed. Make art.

And make movies.

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