Tuesday, April 27, 2004

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The most controversial aspect of the ULA remains our use of ballyhoo. It's also the most necessary component of the campaign.

Ballyhoo means nothing more than writers and artists taking themselves off the pedestals they put themselves on, getting down in the muck of this society and competing with other art forms and media. We didn't create this world but we have to live in it. Literature (in the broad sense, literature encompasses all culture) has put itself into a monastery within the society for decades. it's refused to compete. It's said it's too good for any kind of un-genteel behavior.

That's bullshit. we're undergrounders. we're not too good for anything. Unless we get rid of stale, snobby modes of thinking and stop taking ourselves as individuals so seriously we'll never get anyplace.

(We take our ideals seriously.)

-King Wenclas

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