Thursday, April 15, 2004

(More from memo.)

All he ULA has done to date is prove its strategy has legs. The door is open to impact this culture and this society. We as artists, performers, publishers and writers will never walk through that door unless we get more help from undergrounders within and without the ULA.

The gains the ULA has made have been done through the effort of just a few of us. How much more could we accomplish with ten times that number working hard for the team?

Everyone in the ULA is a free agent, with his or her own beliefs and plans. Too many of us, though, are islands unto themselves, keeping the team at arm's length. (Some are embarrassed to be associated with us.) With the opportunity for the plan to succeed, this outlook serves no one's interest. We need more people willing to identify fully with the ULA, to make one's talents and projects part of the ULA project.

Do compromises have to be made? Absolutely. I've compromised in areas I never thought I would-- such as selling in Tower Records, or using the Internet-- because others convinced me the actions were in the best interest of the team. I then plunged into these areas with enthusiasm.

When people say, "the ULA could do this, or the ULA should do that," I want to scream, "You're the ULA!" I'm already working as hard as I can for this. I can't do more.

-King Wenclas

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