Thursday, April 15, 2004

A quote from lit-zeen publisher Frank Marcopolos to someone a while back:

"Marketing art is difficult, especially for an artist, and that's essentially what you're talking about here. Ideally, what you'd have is a team where one half of the team creates well and the other half markets and sells well."

What he leaves out is that there has to be strong cooperation between the two sections. The ULA has done well at marketing-- it's what the campaign is about; the KGB crash, Moody protest, the lot of it. The marketing could be much much more successful if we received even a minimum of cooperation from those we're trying to market; the great "stars in their own minds."

The classic example of course is the glamor puss we originally were trying to center this thing around. We got some fast press for the person-- could have achieved more-- if Mohammed would've gone to the mountain instead of waiting for the mountain to come to him (her).

The underground doesn't triumph because it's disorganized. Everyone wants to do their own thing, and believes they know best, instead of recognizing that it's better to mesh and fit varied talents, instead of every one individual trying to do everything.

-King Wenclas

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