Tuesday, April 13, 2004

(More from memo.)

We're serious about competing with the conglomerates. There's no reason why we can't outdo those slow-moving top-heavy dinosaurs across the board, if we offer snappier products and more exciting writers and personalities.

What's needed though is for people to believe in this project, and have imagination about what it can achieve.

If we had more work behind this plan, we could blow the majors away. We're already outdoing million-dollar professional corporate publicity departments. We already contain the most exciting literary performers on the planet. And we do also contain a few pretty good writers. What's needed is to put the various components of the ULA machine together and get it operating smoothly. What's needed is to get our talents out there, in front of the full populace. (Via the fulcrum of global publicity.)

-King Wenclas

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