Wednesday, April 14, 2004

We need some kick-ass noisemakers on this team.

And some radicals. Some revolutionaries. Where are the revolutionaries?

Sometimes I think the entire populace is brain deadened by TV. What passes for dissent in this country is stage-managed dissent. Like these well-organized protest marches. Everyone follow the path, and chant like sheep the organizers chant! I wouldn't be surprised if the government was behind them, cynically to show how easy people can be misdirected or controlled.

We have a sham of protest in this country. Look at Punk Planet. Mouthing all the proper things, at the same time buddying up with Dave Eggers, spawn and icon of the establishment, and keeping away the genuine article, the ULA.

The ULA needs manifestos and rants. It needs more dynamicc Monday Reports that can rock the cultural establishment to its foundations. It needs to get moving.

-King Wenclas

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